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 top 10 best manual breast pump & automatic breast pumps that are must buy for every newborn’s mum

Breast milk is best for babies we all have heard that but for some moms and babies breastfeeding is not possible as some moms don't have time to breastfeed or the babies are premature so they struggle to latch or some moms have twins whichever be the case breast pump can help you out, let’s check some of the best manual breast pumps or automatic both can help mothers to feed babies the breast milk without any compromise, best manual breast pump or breast pump can help your partner to feed babies while you are busy.

The breast pump also helps to enhanced milk flow & Relieve feelings of engorgement there for a breast pump can help you in many ways we have gathered a list of the best breast pump available online.

Things you should consider while buying the best breast pump for everyday use:

1.First we have to choose which type of breast pump’s we need

  • Hospital-grade breast pump: these pumps are heavy-duty and suck faster at high frequency, besides their efficient working they are also the most expensive of all other types of breast pumps.

  • Electric breast pumps: These are the most common breast pump for daily use, they come with two types of pump motor single & double, you can choose according to your need, they are cheaper as compared to Hospital-grade breast pumps.
  • Manual breast pump: As the name sounds these pumps don’t have an inbuilt motor you have to squeeze the lever in order to suck milk it is good for those moms who, bottle feeds occasionally they are compact, cheap, easy to handle and travel friendly.

2. Performance: You have to check the performance of the pump so that its suction power is adequate, it should work efficiently for you, we will cover this aspect in our best manual breast pump & automatic breast pump list below.

3. Features: Each product is unique & what made it unique is its design & features every breast pump have different functionality or features.

4. Portability: The breast pump should be portable as most mothers use their breast pump while travelling, so if you need it too for travelling you should consider this feature as well.

Let’s dive in and explore our list of the top 10 best baby pump in 2021:

Spectra Baby USA-S1 Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump:

 Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus Hospital Grade Double/single Breast Pump
  1. The Spectra Baby USA-S1 Electric breast pump is a quiet, hospital-grade pump at a great price. The combination of features & suction strength makes it our top pick for a breast pump.


Spectra S1 is our favourite hospital-grade breast pump. It’s a heavy-duty breast pump, portable & lightweight compared to a normal hospital-grade pump. We also like the features included, like a nightlight & a timer. Some mothers of twins have reviewed it and told it that it’s a great lifesaver for them.



  • Massage feature: The breast pump comes with a nifty massage feature, which mimics the feeding of a baby, once you start the breast pump, it starts in the massage mode initially, as your baby latches it also feels the same, this feature signals your body to start the milk supply.
  • Built-in battery: The pump also comes with a built-in battery which is good to use even when you are not at home without any worry, as it is packed with an inbuilt battery on which you can use the breast pump for an hour or more depending on your usage.
  • 12 suction level: The device comes with 12 levels of suction so that every mom can use it according to their preference. Besides the suction level, you can also control the frequency of the device separately so that you can mimic your baby’s nursing pattern.
  • Easy to set up & use: The device is easy to set up & any mom can use it easily.
  • Memory function: the device has an inbuilt memory function, so whenever you start it will remember the last settings and will start with the same mode & settings.
  • Nighttime operable: The device is easy to use & operable at night time too, thanks to its backlit digital readout & night light, so you can use it easily without any additional lights at night.
  • Easy to clean: The cleaning of the device is extremely easy as the device breaks into smaller pieces, the collection bottles included with the breast pumps have wide mouths & can be easily cleaned by a brush. And lastly, the membrane of the Spectra S1 is also easy to clean as it's made up of silicon. 


 The Spectra Baby USA-S1 is a portable device, which is lightweight & small in size. The device rechargeable built-in battery also makes it convenient & portable for both indoor & outdoor use.


  • Portable & lightweight with carrying handle.
  • Very quiet, makes little to very low noise that you can even have a conversation on calls while pumping.
  • Can be used directly while plugged in or on battery.
  • Easy to set up, clean & use.
  • Double electric pump for efficiently sucking milk.
  • Track the amount of time spent expressing milk.


  • No carrying case provided with the unit.
  • The battery takes longer to charge.

Bella baby double electric breast pump: 

Bella baby double electric breast pump:

The Bellababy double electric breast pump comes with 4 different stimulation and massaging modes so that you can choose the mode which works best for you. These 4 modes are massage & stimulation, continuous sucking, frequency conversion sucking, & normal sucking modes you can choose between any as you like.

Not only different modes but you also get 9 different suction levels for enhanced comfort.

The breast pump produces low operational noise so that the sound doesn’t wakeup your cutie while sleeping. 

The device comes with an inbuilt battery but if it gets empty and you don’t have any power source you can still use your device with the help of your power bank or laptop because of the USB charging cable.   


  • Easy to read screen: The device comes with an easily readable display on which you can see different info about the device.
  • Different Operational modes: The device comes with 4 different stimulation & massaging modes.
  • Suction level: The device comes with 9 different suction levels.

  • Easy to use: The device comes with a touch panel which makes it easy to use & operate.

  • Battery: The device comes with an inbuilt battery.
  • Works on power bank:  The device has usb charging cable which you can easily connect to power bank or laptops to use the device.
Portability: In terms of portability the device is easy to use and handle, the device comes with inbuilt battery and lightweight means you can easily carry the device with you on the go without any hassle.


  • Comes with dual pump.
  • Various operational modes to choose from.
  • High-quality display with all necessary information.
  • Comes with storage bags for expressing milk.
  • Built-in battery for outdoor use.
  • Product is designed to provide you with more comfort with less pain.


  • Can be more quieter in terms of noise when compared to other pumps in the market.

Medela pump in style on the go advanced breast pump:

Medela pump in style on the go advanced breast pump:

The medela pump in a style breast pump is an extremely reliable device which comes with a dual pump. The medela pumps come with a wide range of speed & vacuum adjustable options.

The tote bag version of the pump is good for carrying purpose it has the space to carry all other equipment needed by you for breast pumping on the go.


  • Comes in three different options: Backpack style, tote version, & metro bag style.
  • Adjustable Speed/ vacuum levels: The device comes with adjustable Speed & vacuum levels.
  • Easy to setup: the device is easy to setup & use.
  • Several pumping throughout the day: Ideal for moms that do pumping several times throughout the day.
  • Battery operated: can be operated on 8 AA batteries.
  • Comes with many accessories: The device comes with a stylish microfibre bag, 4*150ml bottles, 1* cooler bag & ice pack. 

Portability: Comes with a backpack & is operated on AA batteries which makes it a portable device which you can use on the go.

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  • Good quality & reliable product
  • Comes with three different bag options to choose from
  • Comes with a cooler bag
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Runs on aa batteries
  • Covered by most insurance providers


  • Don’t come with an inbuilt battery you need 8 AA batteries to operate it.

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast pump:

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast pump

The pump comes with a reasonable price and offers a good hospital grade performance.

The device comes with three different pump styles, & each pump styles comes with 8 adjustable suction levels to provide you complete control over the extraction of milk and mimic the feeding pattern of your child easily.

The product is easy to assemble & use, You can use it to pump frequently and would love its performance. 


  • Easy to operate: Comes with five buttons which makes it easy to operate & use
  • Comes with double pumps: The device comes with double pumps to provide you better & faster-pumping experience
  • Backlit LCD: Comes with backlit LCD which shows all the necessary information
  • Comes with storage bottles: The device comes with storage bottles
  • Hospital-grade pump: For efficient & reliable pumping experience
  • ComfortFit Flange: The device comes with 25mm flange


The device is lightweight & easy to use, and also operable on six AA batteries which make it a perfect portable device to use on the go.


  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Portable design
  • Hygienic closed system design
  • Three pumping modes
  • 8 adjustable suction levels
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries
  • Comes with Letdown feature
  • Affordable Double electric breast pump


  • The device is noisy but manageable
  • Don’t come with a carrying case or bag

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump:

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual breast pump is perfect for those moms who occasionally bottle feed their child, It is portable lightweight and comes with a good silicon comfortable silicon liner, the use of silicon liner is one of the best parts of this pump as it helps to provide you enhanced comfort which is not so good in other plastic liner breast pump. This pump is among few of the top best manual breast pump to buy in the market.



  • Efficient working: The pump is efficient at extracting milk.
  • Cost effective: The product is cost-effective & replacement parts are easily available.
  • Easy to clean: The device is easy to clean.
  • Easy to use: The device is easy to use and assemble.
  • Ergonomic Design: An ergonomic design enables women to sit in a relaxed reclined position while pumping.

Portability: The Philips Avent manual comfort breast pump is a very portable and lightweight device which is good & easy to use outdoors, or carries it easily with you in your handbag.


  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Easy to disassemble & clean
  • Replacement part easily available.
  • Very effective at milk extraction
  • A portable unit which is compact & lightweight.
  • Not loud as compared to an electric pump.
  • BPA-free breast pump
  • Comes with a removable silicon liner that makes it more comfortable


  • Your hand will be in use and will tire quickly as its a manual breast pump, so you have to pump it manually with your hands.

Elvie Pump:

Elvie pump

Elvie pump is one of the best Wearable breast pump, which is totally hidden so you can use it discreetly at work or in public without any trouble. The pump is designed in such a way that you can easily wear it underneath your cloth, It is meant to be worn inside a standard nursing bra.

The pump comes with a silent motor so that you can pump with peace of mind without any shyness where ever you want. The pump is operated by an app which allows discrete operational control of the device.




  • Unmatched Freedom::Provides unmatched freedom to use the device anywhere, Women’s can use the device by doing different tasks at work, with peace of mind.
  • Great portability: the device is wearable underdress, & provides the flexibility of using it anywhere.
  • An app operated: the device is operated by an app for maintaining privacy & enable discrete operation.

Portability: The device is highly portable as it is wearable which means you don't have to carry it separately.


  • Provides unmatched portability as it can be worn inside your dress.
  • Can be operated remotely by using an app.
  • The good and perfect pump for working moms.
  • Can be used with any standard nursing bra.
  • Easy to clean


  • Due to size restrictions of a wearable breast pump, the bottle accompanied by the pump fills up quickly.

BabyBuddha Portable and Compact Breast Pump - Battery Powered Pump

baby budha pump

A lightweight pump that has good suction power, It not only easy & convenient to use at home but also convenient & portable to use outside without being worried about the electric supply as the pump runs on a battery, besides being battery operated its a powerful pump. It’s a good option for moms who want to extract milk while working as this pump is small and lightweight & attached with a wearable lanyard, which you can wear and use, the device comes with universal components which means you can use any components as per your comfort with the device for enhanced convenience.


  • Lightweight: The device is lightweight when compared with other pumps in the market & is wearable..
  • Battery operated: The device works on a lightweight battery to provide you with a convenience of use even when you are outdoor or working.
  • 14 comfortable modes: Don’t be fooled by the lightweight of the device It is powerful & comes with different suction modes to ensure that each pumping session is a comfy one for you.
  • Comfortable for Moms:  The device comes with a universal fit Flanges means you can use the ones that come with the pump or you can pair them with any other flanges of your choice as per your comfort.
  • Hand-free use: When combined with a nursing bra due to its lightweight it can be used hand’s free. 

 Portability: Due to the lightweight & inbuilt battery the device is super portable & easy to carry on the go.


  • Best pump to use with a nursing bra.
  • Comes with different settings for pumping to choose from.
  • Universal Fit Flanges.
  • Designed for safety.
  • Hassle-free Silent operation.


  • The device is too costly when compared with other pumps in the market.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding:

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

One of the best manual breast pumps, the pump is so comfortable and easy to use that you would love it & will want to use it frequently. As it is one of the manual breast pump, so there is no motor sound, that can make you feal irritated while using electric pumps, but there is no such problem with this one.

The design and storage of the pump is great and good for ideal pumping needs, the pump dual mode pumping and comes with 2 flange sizes.


  • Light Weight & portable: As the pump is free from a motor so it is lightweight and small in size which makes it a portable pump to carry in a bag with ease.
  • Good suction level: Beside being the manual breast pump the pump comes with a good suction level & offers dual mode pumping. 
  • Great value: the pump comes with a great value both in terms of price & performance.
  • Easy to clean: the pump being a manual pump makes its easy to wash & sterilize.


 Portability: In terms of portability the device is small and can easily be carried in a bag without any worry. 


  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Dual mode pumping.
  • Convenient & hygienic.
  • Good suction level.
  • Provide great value.


  • Its need an external hand pressure to work which can make you tired in long run.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump:

Medela Breast Pump

One of the best hand pumps & loved by moms who bottle-feed their baby occasionally, the brand from which this manual breast pump comes is one of the renowned brands in breast pumping industry, so you can be worry-free about the quality of manual breast pump you buy.

Now talking about the pump the pump comes with the swivelling handle which allows a full 180 degrees of swivels, which provides good pumping in terms of a manual pump. Also, you can control the suction strength of the pump easily.



  • Swivelling handle: for a good swivel motion of the handle to allow better suction.
  • Easy to control suction: The device being handheld, provides easy to control suction power.
  • Silent operation: Unlike other manual pumps whose pump handle makes some noise while pumping the medela pump provides you better silent operation.
  • Lightweight: As the pump is manual so its lightweight & easy to operate.

 Portability: The pump is small & lightweight & do not require any power supply to work so you can use it even outdoor.

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  • Easy to use a manual pump.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable & lightweight.


  • The pump seems to lose suction with time as the o ring gets ragged, though the O-ring is easily available in the market.

Haaka Silicon Manual Breast pump:

Haaka Silicon Manual Breast pump

One of the most common issue while pumping milk using a single breast pump or feeding baby is that, it always triggers letdown in the second breast, & the milk from that breast gets waste, thanks to the Haaka Silicon manual Breast pump by using it as a secondary pump you can save that milk too & use later on when you need it.   



  • Easy to operate: You just have to squeeze the collection jar or vessel & place the shield on your nipple & release the jar, that’s how easy it is to operate for quickly extracting milk.
  • Easy to clean: As there is no other parts attach with the pump so you can clean it easily without any issues.
  • Used as a secondary pump: It can be used as a secondary pump for catching the milk leaks.

Portability: The product is small & simple so you can carry it even in a tight space, and can use it even on the go.


  • Affordable breast pump.
  • Lightweight & compact design.
  • Best travel pump.
  • Works as a secondary pump for catching drips.
  • Easy to use & clean.


  • Not as powerful as other pumps.
  • As it is silicon so it knocks over easily, so there are good chances of losing milk if not used carefully.

Last words

All of the breast pumps provided in the list are the best pumps in their category you can pick any according to your budget & needs the product are among some of the best manual breast pumps/automatic pumps to buy online in 2021.

Disclaimer: All the product mentioned above are either tried and tested by us or are among the best-reviewed products by others, So if you have any problem or medical issues please consult your doctor before buying them, we aren't responsible for any loss or damage.

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