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The best maternity leggings that hide your sweats & are perfect for workouts

Choosing the best maternity leggings nowadays isn’t easy, but it's good to have them in your wardrobe. Why? Let’s find out.

Maternity leggings are a great alternative to pants or long leggings and they are extremely easy to care for and look good on. Maternity leggings come in a variety of colours and cuts and can be worn with almost any outfit. If you're thinking about buying a pair, make sure to choose leggings that are of the right length for your growing belly. For example, if your belly is only a few inches out of the top, you should get a pair of maternity leggings that are two inches above your hip bone.

Because they are made from stretchy cotton and Lycra, maternity leggings can be a little roomy, especially if you run a small or size up. Yet, these popular and comfortable maternity leggings offer a great deal of comfort and stretchiness, making them ideal for everyday wear. The fact that they are so popular is as there are plenty of options. However, some women notice that the legs of these stretchy legging styles run small, especially if they are made from a vibrant, brighter colour. Therefore, if you think that you might want to buy a pair of maternity leggings that run small, a famous maternity leggings reviewer suggests that you go for a neutral, more subtle shade such as black or navy blue.

Another reason why some users said that the maternity leggings run small is that some of the designs are cut too tightly. This is a problem that reviewers said they have experienced with several maternity clothes. However, users said that this is not a problem with the leggings, since they are made from a stretchable material and stretchy material is easy to fit. The testers who tried several pairs said that the fit of these beautiful and stylish maternity clothes is perfect for everyday wear. 

 Before buying your best maternity leggings keep in mind that there are several things that you should consider when choosing the right one for you:

  • Fit type: The first thing that you should consider is that you like the loose fit or tight fit, It depends on your interest & liking. 
  • Activity Type:  The style of your leggings, their fabric, & cut all depends on the type of activity you’re going to do. 
  • Over- or Under-bump: Also known as “over- belly” or “under-belly”, this decides where your waistband will sit. Under-belly waistbands do not have a belly panel, & so sit underneath your belly or baby bump. They are made with elastics in the waistband, so it stretches as you grow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

       Under-bump: If you feel uncomfortable with any pressure on your belly, then under-bump waistband leggings are for you. Also as it has less fabric coverage on the body, so it will help you keep cool if you are experiencing early stages of pregnancy on hotter days.

     Over-bump: Over-bump waistbands help you provide support to your baby bump, This type of leggings will help you feel secure & comfortable throughout the day when you are in later pregnancy ages. The only issue with the over-bump maternity leggings is that they can make you sweat, so if heating isn’t a concern they are also the best maternity leggings choice for the early days of pregnancy.

Sheerness: One of the best ways of finding perfect or best maternity leggings is passing the squat test, just try to do a squat in front of a mirror or your near & dear one’s, how see-through does the butt become during a squat?  

Some of the best leggings colour that is best to pass this test

The best colour to pass the test is a black colour legging, the more light the colour & thinner the fabric, the more likely it becomes to see through. Any leggings through which your underwear is at all visible fails the test.

Fabric Type: There are a variety of fabrics choices available nowadays & each of them will look & feel different, even though the styles or designs of them may look similar.

  • Thinner, lightweight fabrics are going to be your first choice for keeping you cool, but these type of leggings are surely going to fail the squat test, as your body changes shape rapidly & is also going to gain weight.
  • Medium-weight fabrics are best to provide you with perfect support & also keep you cool.
  • Havier fabrics are going to pass the squat test easily but aren’t comfortable for a hot & humid climate.

So choose the type of cloth which make you feel good, comfortable & goes with the weather.        

Length/cut: leggings are go-to for any season until it favours the weather. During the summer one can go for a Capri length or biker short as it does not cover the whole leg and therefore not make you feel warm in the scorching heat. Shorter leggings also provide back support under long dresses in the later stages of your pregnancy.

Ease of care: As your pregnancy stage increases you want something that’s simple & easy to wash with less effort though in beginning you won’t find it a problem, but in later stages, you would notice it. So always keep the ease of care in mind while buying perfect leggings. 

Let’s have a look at our top 10 best Maternity leggings 2021 picks to ease your journey of finding the best Maternity leggings.

Motherhood Maternity Full Length French terry Leggings:

Motherhood maternity

Why we like it: An inconsiderably better than others in this list as these leggings are perfect for those who don’t want to compromise with their looks, as these leggings look like regular pants & you can accordingly use them to go outside or to the office without any worry. They also feature a back pocket & a seamless stretch over the belly panel. You can pick these in two colours.

Our Ratings: 5 stars.

When you are in the market & want something that besides your condition don’t compromise with your looks, then these are the best option for you. An addition of a back pocket in these leggings provide you with a more polished look. The thick cloth material used in these leggings ensure that your panty lines won’t show easily.  

As these leggings are thick so they are a good fit during the cold season. 

The leggings are made up of a heavy cotton-spandex blend, but the belly waistband is made up of thinner nylon material to provide a better level of comfort and enables your skin to breathe easily. The perfect waistband provides a good holding without letting them slide down in every stage of pregnancy! 

These are easy to take care of, it’s perfectly fine to toss them in the washing machine with your other stuff. 


  • Great Looks a perfect fit for office & outings
  • It can easily pass the Squat test as the fabric is of good thickness, they are not see-through at all.
  • Good & perfect for cold weather.
  • The waistband is made up of thinner material for good breathability.


  • Not good for Summer or warm weather.
  • May pills on the inner thighs.
  • As the fabric is a cotton blend so it’s easier to tear.

Kindred Bravely Louisa Over the Bump Pregnancy Leggings:

Kindred Bravely Louisa Ultra High-Waisted

Why we like it: As these leggings are designed to grow & shrink so they are good for users along different stages of pregnancy.

These leggings are high rise so they don’t slip down the belly. These leggings can be worn in two different ways they can be worn as supportive postpartum wear, or even as regular leggings.

Our rating: 5star.

These leggings are more costly than other leggings, but you won’t regret them after buying them as their quality & versatility justify the price. These leggings are made up of sleek, luxurious material, and are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

The fabric used in the leggings are breathable but besides being breathable the fabric is of good thickness, as a result, these leggings also pass the squat test easily. These leggings retain their shapes & colours even after several washes. You can wash them regularly or toss them with other clothes in your washing machine easily. 

With these Louisa leggings, you can forget about slippy leggings, that slip as your belly grows and they can’t cover it. The waistband in Louisa leggings is a game-changer as it’s perfectly tall to reach your bra line, so as your belly grows you don’t have to pull up your leggings as they will stay in place without getting slip. The waistband of Louisa leggings is made up of a thick stretchy material with elastic on the top to hold the leggings. The waistband easily supports your belly & hold everything to provide a perfectly clean look.


  •  Unique, flattering waistband.
  • Durable, High-Quality breathable fabric.
  • Sleek fabric repels pet hair & fluff.
  • Doesn’t easily show sweat.
  • Suitable for all stages of pregnancy


  • Thicker material.
  • High price tag.
  • Only comes in black.

Liu & Qu Maternity Women's Casual Pants Stretchy Comfortable Lounge Pants:

lie & cu

Why we like it: A perfect blend of comfort and workout, ya you heard it right we like it because these pants are designed in such a way that you can wear it as your office outfit without any second thought, besides its looks these pants are comfortable too, thanks to its stretchy viscose fabric.

Our rating:4.5

Liu & Qu maternity women’s pants are good for working women or the women who go for outings as these pants designs are perfect for work or outing pants you can without any doubt go to your office or even shopping, movies etc wearing them without any second thought. The leggings are super comfortable too, thanks to their breathable, stretchy, viscous fabric, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them during your golden days, these leggings also pass the squat test easily. These leggings come in a total of 8 natural colours- Black, white, navy, light grey, dark grey, army green, slate and brown.


  • A perfect looks.
  • High-quality fabric material.
  • Good for beginning to medium stage pregnancy.
  • Available in different natural colours.
  • Comes with pocket.
  • Affordable.


  • Once you lose weight they will still be big and can’t wear them again.
  • Not durable for long term.
  • Colours may run in the wash, so wash separately.

 Terramed Maternity Leggings Activewear Over The Bump Pants Pregnancy Shaping Over The Belly:

Terramed Maternity Leggings Activewear Over...

Why we like it: These leggings provide perfect support with great looks which makes us include these in our top 10 list. These leggings can be worn throughout your pregnancy as they are designed for the user who wants them to use from beginner to later stages of pregnancy it just grows with you.

Our ratings:4.5

A perfect maternity pants that accommodate your body shape, it’s not wrong to say that once you have bought them, these leggings will be your best friend throughout your entire pregnancy thanks to their soft elastic pouch that grows with your belly and easily expands. These leggings provide effective support combined with style, though this legging doesn’t pass the squat test, you can pair these leggings with a skirt, dress or long tunic to enjoy this soft & breathable fabric that provides perfect shapely support. The fabric is so soft that it prevents any scratch on your sensitive belly.


  • Perfect for casual outings.
  • Grows with your belly.
  • Affordable
  • Super soft comfy fabric.


  • The leggings don’t pass the squat test.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Maternity Skinny Jeans:

Why we like It: One of the best choices for expecting moms, who don’t want to compromise with their looks, Yes you heard it right the main selling points of these pants are that they besides being maternity wear provides a great look. One of the great-looking maternity wear on our list. 

Our rating:4.5

The best Maternity leggings that are comfortable, look great and provide perfect support, forget ugly and baggy maternity jeans that makes you sacrifice your looks, get this Signature by Levi Strauss & co.  You would not regret it and love it and thank us later that we provide you with such a good suggestion. These leggings are good for winters too but may get you uncomfortable in summers. These pants provide perfect fittings and are loose around your belly to make you comfortable and grows with your belly shape.


  • Provide good look.
  • Good for party, and small get together.
  • Thick fabric means they aren’t see through.
  • Warm enough for winter/cool weather


  • Not as affordable as others

HUE Women's Cotton Ultra Legging: 

HUE Women's Cotton Ultra Legging

Why we like it: The leggings are perfectly designed and provide good comfort, these leggings are perfect wear for weekends. These leggings Come with a wide waistband which helps you provide great support.

Our ratings: 3.9

The leggings come with a good fabric this fabric provides great feelings and a thick waistband provides you perfect support for all-day comfort, though the main drawback of the leggings is that its good to wear these leggings with a mini skirt or long top as these leggings didn’t pass the squat test.

You have to wash these leggings with extra care, as if not taken extra care you will end up with torn leggings. So make sure you wash them with extra care.


  • Ultra Soft Denim
  • Wide waistband
  • Good for weekends


  • Can easily get teared.
  • Not worth the price.

Essentials for Mothers Maternity Pregnant Women Leggings:

Essentials for Mothers Maternity Pregnant Women Leggings

Why we like it: The leggings are perfectly high rise and stretchy to fit over the baby bump(belly) & won’t fall down as provide secure support.

Our ratings: 4

These are nylon-based leggings that hug your body tightly and their stretchable fabric easily stretch without any issue providing you perfect feeling and comfort like nothing else, the fabric is breathable too, though the leggings don’t pass the squat test. With a perfect high rise, these leggings fit over your belly easily and provide perfect belly support the leggings reaches all the way to the bra line making sure that your belly is in perfect shape and looks great.


  • Roomy enough to grow with your belly.
  • Maintain their shape.
  • Nylon fabric material provides getter support.
  • Cheaper & affordable.


  • A bit longer if your height is short
  • Not good for work out

Premium Women's Stretch Ponte Pants:

Strechy ponty pants

Why we like it: We like these pants because of their pull on closure, these leggings provide you with the look of pants while not compromising with your comfort, these leggings also provide you perfect fitting and maintain your body shape.

Our rating: 3.9 star

Say hello to the trendy style even when you are expecting it, these ponty pants are designed in a perfect way so that you don’t have to compromise with your style. Most maternity wear is limited to a few colour choices only but these premium women’s stretch Ponte pants are available in a wide range of colours that will surely make you fall in love with your wardrobe,

These could be among the best maternity leggings in your wardrobe with different colour’s.


  • Pull-on closure
  • Perfect fitting
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Stretchy comfortable fabric


  • Not as described casual attire by company

Movemama Women’s Active Maternity Leggings with Laser Cut Detail:

move mama active wear

Why we like it: Most of the maternity leggings don’t feature any pocket, but this one has it and they aren’t too small you can easily carry your mobile, wallet, keys etc. The leggings feature a full panel belly band which is great for later stage pregnancy.

Our ratings:3.9 

This is one of the tried and tested leggings by many different moms, this is one of those leggings that will be in your wardrobe even after pregnancy as you can also wear them like normal high waist leggings or even fold them to make them low waist and wear it without any worry, the leggings feature a laser-cut design down the leg. The fabric material used in the leggings are of great quality, the leggings fabric is also quick to dry which adds up as a great convenience during pregnancy.


  • Provides a Postpartum support
  • Laser-cut design down the legs
  • A perfect size pocket
  • Premium fabric
  • Provides good Belly support


  • overpriced

Foucome Women's Maternity Leggings Over The Belly Pregnancy Active Workout Yoga Tights Pants:

Foucome womens

Why we like it: Affordable, comfortable leggings that come in a variety of lovely colours besides just black. Provides a perfect look, you can confidently wear them for your office or workouts.

Our rating: 4

Perfect leggings for outings that provide you great belly support and also look great, these leggings are made from cotton-based material which provides good comfort but makes them less durable, you have to be more careful while washing them or you will end up with a torn legging, the legging also loose there shape quickly.  Though you can wash them in cold water and tumble dry to make them last longer.


  • Thick fabric with little or no chances of sheerness on the butt.
  • Variety of colours.
  • Great to wear at early to later stages of pregnancy.
  • Good and comfortable for office or shopping.
  • Affordable.


  • Can lose shape easily.
  • Can be torn easily if not washed with precautions.

Last words

All of the mentioned best maternity leggings in our top 10 list are great and best among their competitors though your preference may be different as every leggings and body are different what seems to be working fine for someone may not be working for you or vice versa.

Disclaimer: All the product mentioned above are either tried and tested by us or are among the best-reviewed products by others, So if you have any problem or medical issues please consult your doctor before buying them, we aren't responsible for any loss or damage.

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