Are you in search of How to wash baby bottles? If yes, then you are here because you are new parents or if are curious. This is very important to understand that child is very new in this world and their immune system is not strong enough to fight with diseases. Your child is your prime responsibility, so you must take care of them very seriously.

10 Tips To Wash Baby Bottles For Complete Safety

As you all know corona teaches us how to live a healthy life. Washing hands and utensils is one of the priorities which you learn in this period. So, wash baby bottles is your concern, for now, then read on this.

Cleaning Products You Need To Clean Baby Bottles

What cleaning products you need to clean baby bottles is also an important question on which you have to focus.

If you write the above keyword in your search browser then you get the list of some products which may confuse you and give some commission to them.

To get the proper answer to the above keyword you have to use your common sense.

Your baby bottle is more important to clean properly and it can be done by simple cleaners like

  • Soaps or detergent which you like but make sure that is a baby product.
  • Normal dishwasher for little use.
  • The brush which easy to go inside the bottles. white vinegar to remove some stains from the bottle.
  • Big utensil from your kitchen to soak your bottle inside that utensil.

Some items like dishwashers and drying racks are not much important to wash baby bottles but dishwashers can make your work easy if your product is dishwasher safe.

1. Separate Bottle Parts

All baby bottles have 4 or 5 parts, and it is important to understand each part like – a soft silicone nipple, transparent baby bottle, one bottle ring, one sealing disk (this is optional), one nipple cover or cap.

It is important to wash every part of the bottle separately by taking them out carefully.

2. Use Warm Water

Warm water can help to clean your products more clearly and make them safe by killing all germs.

So, always use hot water and make a solution of kids detergent, normal dishwasher detergent, and water.

Add all the separated products in that warm water solution and rub each product properly for a minute.

3. Use Utensil Or Clean Sink

When you make a solution of hot water, kid’s detergent, and normal dishwasher detergent, then it is important to store this solution separately.

To store you can use a sink but it is important to wash that sink before storing that solution and if this process is not available then make that solution in the big utensil from your kitchen. Rinse all the parts in that solution for a minute.

4. Use A Brush And Rub

As it is given above that if you want to wash baby bottles then you need a brush that goes inside that baby bottle.

Take your baby bottle out from that hot solution and rub it with the help of a brush properly inside and outside.

If brush facility is not possible then you can use your hand only and only if when your hand goes inside that baby bottle properly.

Make sure you rub properly and remove all the stains from the bottle and wash it properly by dipping it inside that solution.

5. Sterilize Or Boil

This is another important point in terms of wash baby bottles properly. You can choose an electric steam sterilizer and sterilize all bottle parts by placing them inside the big utensil.

If you do not have a sterilizer then you can use any big utensil and boil your baby bottle on a medium flame for a minute.

6. If You Have A Dishwasher

As I say your dishwasher can reduce your work. If you have a dishwasher then rinse out your bottle part from that solution and put that transparent bottle and nipple on the rack of the dishwasher and put other parts in the basket.

7. Before Using It For The First Time Boil It

This is one of the good practice which must follow by all parents. Before using your baby bottle for the first time boil them or sterilize them in hot water for up to 5 minutes is always good for your baby.

Use a tong or any other utensil to take that bottle out from that hot water. Leave that bottle for a long time and cool it then use that bottle.

8. Wash Your Hands Properly

As Corona Virus teaches us washing a hand properly is one of the good habits which you must have to follow to live a healthy life.

So, washing your baby bottle is also work which needs your fresh and clean hands. That’s why it is important to wash your hands properly with the help of soapy and hot water before washing your baby’s utensil.

9. Wash The Place Also

Before taking your bottle out from the dishwasher or sink where you wash it. This is time to store your bottle on a drying rack or your place for the bottle. So, it is also important to wash that place properly before taking your bottle out and store.

10. Sanitize Your Bottle

This is the word which you may hear lots of time in this corona period and you also store some sanitizers for your baby. Yes, sanitization is also an important point in terms of wash baby bottles.

If you need extra germs protection then you need to sanitize your baby properly and daily and also sanitize baby feeding items at least once a day.

Follow this sanitize rule daily if your baby is less than 3 months, born prematurely, or has a weak immune system.

Little older babies like more than 6 months do not need daily sanitization if you wash their utensils properly after use.

Last words

You reach this section means you read the whole article carefully and now I think you learn a lot about wash baby bottles.

But make sure that all the points which you read above are not a step-by-step process which you have to follow one by one.

All the above points are just tips that you must have to keep in your mind when you want to wash baby bottles. If you think we miss something then do not forget to comment on us and let me know your great tip.

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