Top 10 Best Toddler Bike/Bicycles For Their First Balancing Lesson

Adult dream is to ride a car, adolescent dream is have a ride on  their bike, while the child dreams to have a ride on his bicycle. These can be called as the bikes for kids

Cycling is a great way to explore and stay healthy and especially in the case of children.

The first ever ride which a child want to have in their dream is of riding the bicycle.

And the time has come to teach your little one to ride and the parent want to make this moment a great memory.

To learn to ride, they need the best toddler bicycle which is comfortable durable and fun.

 Given below at the list of the best toddler bicycle which your child would definitely love after having ride on it. Note that these are not a mountain bikes.

List of the best bicycle for kids

Below you get small list of bicycle for your kid which you can buy without any hesitation from the link given below.

 So, enjoy some names of best baby bicycle products

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels

This lemon yellow 14.2 pound weight toddler bicycle has a linear pool and disc brakes system with dual suspension forks

This toddler bicycle is kid-friendly BMX bike which is safe and fun to use. This quality bike is made with magnesium alloy frame with no welding having extra thick tires including complete set of training wheels.

For emergency dual brake system with front v brake and brand coaster disc brake are implemented so your child I can write the bicycle safely and happily.

Child size shiny alloy brake levers with newly developed one piece foam saddle, TPR soft grips and non-slip resin pedals with reflectors are also equipped in this bicycle.

This BMX bike has thick tires that better hold the ground and improves the stability while riding.

Moreover it has multiple rubber layers which provide shock absorption and longlast the tires.

 Once your child learn riding the bicycle you can easily remove the training wheels and adjust the handlebars and seat height to get perfect fit for your child


  • The training wheel can be removed once your child learns the riding bicycle.
  • It has dual disc brake system in case of emergency brake.
  • This bicycle is very easy to assemble you just have to install training wheels, paddles, handlebar and seat .


  • Chain of the bicycle slips of gears continually.
  • The wheels nut continually come loose and the tires are garbage since they don’t inflate properly

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle

If you want to ensure a safe ride on the bicycle then you must go for this bicycle.

This freestyle bicycle can be used for both boys and girls which has most famous tainted components featuring outstanding design and quality.

95% of the bicycle are already assembled we just have to install the front wheel handbrake. Instruction for installing the parts are given with the parts.

It has safe grapes and handbrake front caliper brake and real coaster break which offer double safety In the toddler bicycle.

The bicycle has wide 2.4 pneumatic tires which add more stability. It also has Sturdy Steel , Crank, non-slip resin pedal and chain guard.

The bicycle comes with amazing design and bright stylish and charming colour. Bike bell and DIY decal add extra fun to the ride.

 The bicycle has soft seat it with the handle which makes the bicycle easier to grab during learning to ride


  • The bicycle parts are very easy to assemble.
  • Exclusive brake lever allows the little rider brake efficiently in the emergency situation.


  • The chain and pedal is of bad quality.
  • The cycle has big wheel sizes which present a lot of friction on the ground and the crack arms are too short to generate much leverage

Schwinn Grit and Petunia Steerable Kids Bike

This bicycle is equipped with parents stair handle so you can help push and steer for your little one while they are on the stage of learning to ride bicycle.

Parent push handle that actually stairs the bicycle and the training wheel can be easily removed when your child has learn to ride the bicycle.

It has fully protected enclosed chain guards and rear fenders to keep kids clean and safe from the road great for mud.

The water bottle cage is also mounted on the push handle to stay hydrated while riding the bicycle.

 It has quick release seat post and saddle adjust so that it can be easily at just as your child grows so that it can be a perfect toddler bicycle

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  • With this parent Steel handle you can be with your child helping them to steer.
  • The bicycle is tool free and seats  can be easily adjusted


  • The training wheels are so short that it wobbles back and forth.
  • The cable that controls the steering handle is of bad quality which often breaks off

Pro Balance Bike for Big Kids

If you want to easily teach your child how to balance and have control over the bicycle you must surely buy this toddler bicycle. This is not a paddle bikes.

This bicycle is designed without pedals so once they are fully trained with this bicycle they only need to learn how to paddle.

By this way this toddler bicycle provides a safer and faster way to ride bicycle by mastering balance and steering first without getting distracted for paddling.

All clamps in the bicycle are a tamper proof and both wheels are equipped with safety washers and each frame of the wheel is built in a way to hold the capacity exceeding the child’s weight.

 This balance bike are perfect for the kids who just want to start learn for even experienced rider who want to enjoy testing their limits.


  • Best toddler bicycle are best in safety and reliability.
  • The child can learn to ride a bicycle faster as compared to others


  • The bicycle neither have paddle nor a training wheel.
  • Within two weeks the handlebars flop back and forth


If your child ride this bicycle for their first time they will feel comfortable elegant and fun.

To have more fun while bringing their favorite stuffed animals for doll the bicycle has plastic classic bike basket in the front.

This toddler bicycle has wide shock proof sandal with more comfortable and softer than normal saddle for kids.

The handlebar grips are made up of leather instead of rubber grips sense leather are softer and more friendly for kids.

The bicycle sturdy frame is made up of premium Steel to survive the bumps of learning, with coaster braking system to simply push the pedal backwards and stop the bicycle.

 The bicycle has soft proof seat which is bigger than n normal seat comfortable for kids cycling and the parts are very easy to assemble


  • The bicycle seat it is of good quality, comfortable and bigger than normal seat.
  • The parts are very easy to assemble.


  • The parts of the bicycle are missing including the hardware to assemble.
  • The entire pedal system is too far back.

Schwinn Koen Bike for Toddlers and Kids Red

Dress toddler bicycle is a complete redesign of bike geometry  to get better match of a child's body type so that they can get more comfortable and ideal riding position.

This toddler bicycle is not like other shrunken down version adult bikes. This road bike for your child includes a lighter bike aluminium frame for better control smaller grip diameters too much smaller hands.

Moreover this bicycle has narrow pedal position to match children smaller hips.

Through the learning  process to feel more confident and comfortable this smart start bike for your child will have less wobble while the child pedals.

 This toddler bicycle comes with a training wheel and a slack seat tube which allowed the bike to grow with your child


  • This bicycle is perfect for or riding in the park or sidewalk around the neighborhood.
  • This road bike is design mainly for kids.


  • The front brake and pedals of the bicycle is of low quality.
  • This bicycle is not good for beginners

Schwinn Koen Bike for Toddlers and Kids Black

This black colour toddler bicycle can be the best bicycle for your kid. They will surely love riding this bicycle.

The bicycle has a lighter aluminium frame for better control. So your child will feel very funny while they ride this toddler bicycle.

This bicycle are mainly recommended for 6 year olds and above or 48 to 60  inches tall.

 The bicycle is is 11.4 8 kilogram weighted with Steel material having 16 inch wheels which is best for cycling and outdoor lifestyle


  • This black colour toddler bicycle is best for 6 year old.
  • This is the perfect child's pedal bike.
  • The price is likely the best in the market.
  • No dyes are used in this product.


  • Some parts of the bicycle is of bad quality.
  • Sorry I don't know how to ride a bicycle then it is better to stay with them while riding this bicycle

RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike Stargirl

This toddler bicycle branded as royal baby e with 14 inch wheel size with training wheels in the pink colour with the frame material Steel is the best toddler bicycle specially for girls.

The bicycle has full chain guard which prevents the chain from soiling or entrapping the kids trouser leg or clothing.

The bicycle has anti-slip resin paddle with ball bearing inside it for smooth rotation so that the kids can feel fun while reading this bicycle.

The body of this  quality bike is a strong metal Steel frame that want bend or get broken with a fall. The seat is hard with a little at the back for more safety and comfort.

 The training wheels are at the right length to keep your kid away from toppling over and also giving them a good balance encouraging them to learn bicycle


  • Training wheel is of good quality which never bent.
  • The bicycle is a amazing colour and design which safety grapes and handbrake.
  • The bicycle includes the basket ribbon, bell and DIY  decal to add more fun while riding the bicycle


  • The bell and the basket is of bad quality.
  • The pedal of the bicycle don't work properly

JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike

This toddler bicycle is of Angel blue colour with 12 inch wheels with training wheels and dual suspension forks.

The bicycle is very easy to assemble with rubber off road tires for best gripping and stability no matter what is the weather condition or different terrain.

The bicycle has sturdy Steel frame which is very durable elegant and rust free e rod which have awesome impact resistance.

The brakes of the bicycle are very soft for kids with anti slip breathable and wear resistant features.

If your child don't have much power how to use hand brake the coaster brake will be the best way to stop the bicycle. They just have to push the paddle backward to stop it immediately.

 The toddler bicycle has enclosed chain guard to avoid touching the child’s legs or jeans

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  • The bicycle has quick release seat for easy height adjustment.
  • The Steel frame of the bicycle is durable with limited lifetime warranty.


  • The training wheels become constantly loose and have to get adjust regularly.
  • The parts of the bicycle seems to be first used and then delivered

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle for Kids

Bicycle with 9.32 kilogram weight which Steel material is best for the beginner.

To immediately stop the bicycle it has real coaster brake and hence the child needs only to stop pedaling to stop the bicycle and hence making it the best toddler bicycle.

Once your child gain confidence in riding bicycle the training wheels can be removed from it very easily and can be installed again if they need it.

Your child I can go for neighborhood rides on the sidewalk with your favorites characters on the bicycle.

 The seat of the bicycle is of very good quality which will definitely give comfort to your child


  • The tires of the bicycle are thick to get perfect grip over the ground surface.
  • The bicycle has tool free adjustable seat post which provide easy adjustment it according to the height of the kid


  • The instruction manual given for this bicycle is completely different.
  • One of the pedals do not fit inside screw you making it difficult while riding

Last words

Simplicity and adjustability are the key to become happy. So here we listed the best bicycle which you would definitely love to see your child having ride on it.

List of the bicycle are with its description including its pros and cons. You go thoroughly and have the idea before buying it for your kids.


The above listed bicycle are the assured and trusted product from Amazon which you won’t get easily from the bike shop. So you can buy it without any hesitation. The points which are mentioned about the bicycle are the review which we give either buying some items or pointing some real customer review. Have a concern before buying the product, we won’t be responsible for any of your defective product.

If you like our content and got some knowledge of the best Toddler bicycle then please make sure to give feedback, it will help us lot. And also share to your family members so that we can get help and it motivate us to bring more amazing stuffs for you.

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