Are kids cups or Sippy cups good for babies

Yes! kids cups or sippy cups are good for babies and a parent must have to choose this product in this bussy world.

Are you in search of best kids cups?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place and you can buy any of the kids cups, which are given below.

Sippy cups or kids cups as we already know are the drinking cups which are designed for the toddlers or infants which reduces spills.

Sippy cups prevents spills and the child drinks either through spout or with the help of the straw which in turn makes it easier for the child to learn the habit of drinking through cups. Sippy cups should not only be used for water, infact it should be used for all liquids such as milk, water, fruit juice, etc.

Apart from fewer or less spills, Sippy cups are also easier to carry along and it provides the parents a lot of convenience as in this busy world around most of the parents are not able to make time for their children.

 So, these kids cups are also providing them the convenience to carry it along with the kids easily. Sippy cups are easily affordable and are lightweight which in turn makes it great for traveling from one place to another

Top 10 Best Kids Cup or Sippy Cups For Your Babies

If you are searching for the best kids cups then you are reading one of the best articles. In this article you will get full and complete details related to kids cups. In this article you will get a perfect list of top 10 kids cups. So let's begin

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup


It is one of the best kids cups through which your baby can drink anything without your help. This product makes you sure that the inside material will not fall. No matter which way your little one chooses to tilt their cute head, this straw moves with them


  • Leak proof.
  • Prevent spills.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Straw sippy cup.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.


  • It consists of handles and you cannot remove them.
  • This kids cups is made up  of plastic.

NUK Learner Cup

This Learner Cup features a spill-proof soft spout that is gentle on teeth and gums, and it includes an air vent that helps reduce swallowed air. This kids cups is fully designed by thinking about your baby's health. This is one of the most common and perfect parents choices


  • It is one of the best trainer cups.
  • Very good water bottle which is easy to use.
  • Can be used for 6 months and older.


  • You cannot wash it in the dishwasher.
  • Sometimes odour comes after washing also

Playtex Spout Cup

This is one of the beautiful and amazing kids cups designed in such a way that your toddler will love it. Mainly it is designed for boys but it also comes in a color of pink so you can use it for both boys or girls

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  • This kids cups is completely spill proof.
  • Easy to open cup.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Soft spouts. 
  • Bpa free


  • You cannot use it for keeping hot water.
  • You cannot keep this cup in the microwave

Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup

This new kids cups is designed in such a way that baby's feel comfortable because it is soft and spout designed which is extremely flexible for babies' gums and this cup also consists of removable handles which make it easy for toddlers to handle it and take the lead


  • Soft silicone spout is gentle on baby's gums.
  • Ultra flexible spout moves with baby.
  • Removable handles are soft and easy to hold


  • Mainly designed for boys.
  • Sometimes delivery problems.
  • Not good for using hot water.

Nuby 2 Piece No Spill Easy Grip Trainer Cu

Your baby will find the transition from bottle to cup easier than ever. Since it is made from the same safe, soft silicone material as Nuby nipples, your child is comfortable with the feel and function of these No-Spill spouts. This product cares for your toddler soft gums


  • Straw sippy cup.
  • The cup's features are very good and new.
  • Trainer cup for babies older than 6 months.
  •  A best choice water bottle


  • The cup leaks very much.
  • If it falls one time it will break.
  • Not a good delivery option

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup


With Munchkin's Click Lock Any Angle 10oz. Weighted Straw Cup, your toddler can hold it and drink from the straw at any angle. With its flip-top lid and Click Lock functionality, this kids cups is perfect for journey or at home-preventing spills virtually anywhere. Munchkin even backs this no-leak promise with a 100% replacement guarantee


  • No leaks problem.
  • Fully guaranteed product.
  • Safe for dishwasher.
  • Prevent spills too.


  • You cannot use it for keeping warm materials.
  •  Difficult to clean straw

Philips AVENT My Grippy Spout Cup

The Philips Avent My Grippy spout cup is leak-free, confirmed by moms! It has an anti-slip texture and contoured shape for little hands, helping toddlers confidently develop independent drinking skills.Your toddler will be a confident, independent little drinker in no time, thanks to this cup's easy-grip design


  • 100% leak-proof 30-DAY money back Guarantee.
  • Flexible, soft silicone spout is gentle on gums.
  • BPA free. Spill proof


  • The nipples get destroyed and cannot be replaced.
  • If it falls one time it will break

Nuby 3 Piece No-Spill Cup with Flex Stra

When drinking, the Touch Flo straw valve requires a squeeze and suck action to allow the liquid to flow,the valve enables the no-spill feature.

 The Touch Flo valve in the silicone straw opens when the child applies pressure and sips through the straw


  • This kids cups is purely leak proof.
  • Prevent spills.
  • Stainless steel


  • Before keeping warm materials you have to keep in mind about colors.
  • Incredibly difficult to drink from this bottle

Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Dentist Recommended

Guaranteed to be 100% Leak Free (Money back guarantee).Bent straw technology – drink ‘til the last drop. Anti-slip ergonomic handles

Dishwasher-safe parts.

 BPA-free materials. These kids Cups is ideal for children 9 months and older

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  • Water bottle is perfect for toddler.
  • 9 months and older.
  • Removable cup part


  • You cannot use it in microwave.
  • Practically worthless.
  • Buy this somewhere else and not amazon

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

This new type of baby product is easy to clean bottle as well as straw and removes odor from pacifiers, bottle nipples, teethers and other small item. Handles are easy for little hands to hold.Easy to clean with no extra valves or parts


  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher.
  • The 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely.
  • You can open and remove the O ring easily


  • You must concentrate on Mold Grew because it may lose after Less than a month

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