Each and every parent have a concern is their baby Eating Sufficient To Become Disease Free.

Eating Sufficient To Become Disease Free only won’t help your child become disease free there are many factors Some of them are sleeping and eating your newborn has not developed their immunity.

system yet and are prone to diseases so what should you do. You can feed them the best and help them rest so that they can rest and make their immune stronger.

5+ Ways For Eating Sufficient To Become Disease Free

Each and every child are different but they should consume the recommended quantity of food.

if your child is 0 to 4 months old, he should be fed 12 to 15 times a day, which he will be takingafter every short nap of around 2 to 3 hours, make sure your child is getting enough nutrition.

Keep Track Of Signs Of Poor Diet

Make sure your baby is getting enough feed you can keep track of the same by checking theirurine color it shouldn’t be too yellow(darker yellow is a sign that your child isn’t drinking enough)

And might be a matter of concern to you if they don’t wake up for feeding or take their feedingson time then also if that’s the case you should consider the doctor as your child may be,

suffering from some disease and is not drinking enough milk, you should also keep check ofyour child stools, there should be an adequate number of stools of right color(mustard in colorand seedy in texture are normal).

Few Points To Keep in Mind For a Healthy Baby

Always make a calm and pleasant environment after every feed so that your baby can take a nap easily,

don’t worry if your child is taking a nap its a good sign that your child small stomachis full. 

The baby who drinks & naps well is healthy and happy while the baby who doesn’t takenaps is clingy, whiny, and cry more often, which is not good for their health as the baby grows

and develops there immune system, brain and other parts while they sleep.

They wake up once they are hungry and need their feed or if they need a cloth change. Always try to keep your kids surrounding clean as they can be infected very easily because of the undeveloped immune system.

Most important of all feed them well and create an environment for them so that they can also take their naps easily as well because a healthy baby is a good napper.

Daily naps also enable babies and children to learn and pay attention more easilywhen they’re awake, rather than fuss, according to Kim West, coauthor of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight.

“Think of all the learning and growing your child is doing at an incredible rate,” says West.

“That little brain needs downtime to process, restore, and renew.”Few signs that your baby is eating enough, you can keep track of your baby eating habits if they

are eating enough or not you will see:

  • If your baby is eating enough you would see plenty of wet diapers, your baby would need around 6 to 8 clothes each day (5 to 6 disposable) in every 24 hours if he is fed enough.
  • Your baby will gain weight steadily, your baby should gain weight around 4 to 7 ounces (113 to198 gram) every weak till he or she is six months old, & 3 to 5 ounces(85 to 140 gram) after six month if fed properly.
  • Your baby would be healthy and happy and will sleep well.

What To Do If Your Baby Catches a Disease?


In case of illness feed your child frequently and for a longer duration if your child is below 6 months.If your child is 6-24 months old, in such cases :

  • You should feed them more frequently and for a longer duration, increase fluid intake, and offer foods.
  • Give nutrient-dense food that is soft, varied, and your child’s favorite.
  • Give mashed soft food if your child has trouble swallowing.
  • Feed the child slowly and patiently but don’t force them to eat food.

During illness, some of the babies might ignore or reject feeding frequently, or eat or drink a very small amount of food given to them, and don’t withhold food or liquid.

Sometimes during recuperation babies might often eat more food than usual due to hearty appetites.

Give your baby a variety of foods and include their favorites while feeding them.

Provide your baby enough time to eat food.

If your baby catches a disease make sure you consult a doctor first and take his advice,

What To Do If Baby Recovers From The Disease?

While your child is recovering he needs lots of nutrition to recover, so feed your child more often until he or she gains there weight back and recover themselves fully from the disease.

Once recovered you can feed your child the amount he can eat easily and is adequate for his nutritional needs. 

After feeding them provide them an adequate environment to encourage themto sleep or take a nap, a healthy baby not only eats well but also sleep’s well.

A good sleep helps your baby recover more quickly, as they recover while they are sleeping or taking their nap.

What To Do If The Baby isn’t Eating Enough Amount Of Food He Needs?


This is one of the main concerns of the parents of the newbies that they won’t eat or drink enough food or milk,If your child is growing well a skipped meal once in a while is not aproblem but if he or she is facing issues you should consult with your pediatrician.

If your baby doesn’t want to eat food, remove the food and wait until the next feeding time to Serve them the food again.

Some times your baby might like some food and eat only that every time if its healthy food feedsthem that it’s not a problem but if it’s not too healthy serve them only a few times.

Using dessert or your child favorite food as a reward is not needed and recommended.

Never force your child if he didn’t like food or beverage.

If he is not eating well and you can notice this , please consult your doctor.

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