This entire article is on the activities which can Child development activities

So, it is very important to understand who going to perform this and for whom.I know you understand your child and if you are here then you are working very hard to improve the Child development activities.

Yes! I can also understand your confusion regarding the first sentence.

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But, here I want to say that most of the parents want to develop their child through two ways                                        

1. Through change their behavior.                                                                              

2. Through fathering or mothering.

So, please understand, this is not a fathering or mothering, you both have to work and take equal responsibilities about the development of a child, because this is parenting.

Neither you change your child through change their behavior, because behavior is formed through habits and habits is never be change.

No one in this the world ever born to change their habits, you have to replace these habits with good habits or bad habits. So, now I think all the misconceptions are cleared and now we are ready to understand some points on activities which you can perform to improve the development of your child.

Before start I want you to Note this and learn this quote : 

“Rise your child in such a way that they tell your parenting story to their child with great pride.”

What Is The Meaning Of Parenting?

Parenting or child-rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of the child.

As this is a process so it takes time to develop a child into a great adult human and this is a work of parents that every parent must have to learn.

Good parenting is only about the involvement of consistency and routine, which gives a sense of control to a child.

Your Role In Child Development Activities

Must Remember :

“Parents are the first looking glass of their children.”

We all know fighting between mother and father is not a big issue it is common in everyone’s house. So, if you talk about the development of child then you must have to ignore all the small fights between father and mother.

 There are lots of success stories in which successful peoples give all the success credit to their parents and of course this is not a joke they tell it because they fill it. So, try to give a fill to your child. So, you can set in the memory of your child.

The Beautiful Truth Is :

Parents are the first teacher who teaches their children to walk and talk for the first year of their life.

The Bitter Truth Is :

Parents are the teacher who not able to teach their child for so many years that when to stop walking and when to shut the mouth.

Impact Of Bad Parenting On Children


Bad Social Skills

when your child won’t know the right postures to stand, talk, site, and how to behave socially.

Trust Issue

when your child does not trust in you or anyone, in this little age he/she loses the ability to trust.


when your child not able to care for his/her toys, works, health, or anything which needs some care.


when your child gives arguments on each line which you speak or tell him/her.


when your child not changes their mind on anything, when he/she does not understand the circumstances and force to buy this or that at that specific time.


when the behavior of a child becomes rude to everybody.


when child not try follow any routine or discipline in any daily life work.

Antisocial Behavior

when a child don’t want to talk to anyone or don’t want to go out in front of people.


when a child wants to live alone in his/her room, when he or she not interested to talk about any topic to anyone and only want to live alone.


when a child only think about loose or have negative thoughts about any things.

Self-Defeating Thoughts

when a child only think about thoughts related to defeating or losing anything by himself or herself.


when a child doesn’t tell or don’t share any types of things with his or her parents.

Fear of Failure

when a child don’t try anything new or start feeling fear about loose or fail.

These are the impacts which show bad parenting or these are the results which came in your child if you do not take any decision on how to develop a child.

How To Start The Development Of Your Child Activities

Note  : 

“The greatest mark of parenting is how they treat their child when no one is looking”

The above quote is the golden statement to start any activity which can develop your child.

But only through this quote you do not understand the process.

There are two phase to start a development in a child that starts through you.Your first step is to understand your type and the second step is practice 3 F rule and then you able to perform the activities which helps your child development otherwise if you not follow the first two steps then activities are just a waste of time.

Understand The Types Of Parent You Are

According to some researches, there are four types of parents :

1. Authoritarian Parents :

These parents force their children to do what they said. Their main dialogues are – “we see the world more than you”, “do as say I say”, and many more like that.

These parents are very aggressive and rude and think that if they force their child to do what they told then only their child becomes successful.

2. Democratic Parents :

These parents talk to their child about right and wrong, they say how they think this is wrong or this is right and listen to their child that why he/she thinks that this is right or wrong.

They talk on each topic with the child; they try to involve their child does not inform their child.

3. Permissive Parents :

These are the parents who give the child what he or she wants means their main motive is to full fill all the demands of the child without thinking there demand is right or wrong.

4. Neglectful Parents:

These are the parents who totally neglect their child means they not even try to consider where his or her child is going and who their friends are and what they are doing. Now, note which types of parent you are?

  • Is you force your child to do according to you only? – Then you are Authoritarian Parents
  • Is you involve your child in all your talks and activities and want to listen their point of view and also try to put your point of view on any topic regularly and give enough time for your child? – Then you are Democratic Parents
  • Are you only in hurry to full fill all the demands of your child without any question? – Then you are Permissive Parents.
  • Are you only busy in your work or business and not have a single second for your child? – Then you are Neglectful Parents

If your answer of these questions is other than Democratic Parents, then you are not following good parenting.

Remember Neglectful parents are the worst parents who destroy their children in all ways.

3 F Rules For Parents In Journey Of Child’s Development

So, to start any activity to develop your child you must have to understand the process of 3 F which given below.

1. F – Firm : Able to stay in the same shape or steady on your decision when the child puts pressure on you.

2. F – Fair : Be fair to your child don’t scold, judge, punish, behave rudely when not more need.

3. F – Friendly : Make a friendly nature with your child, we knew sometimes it is necessary to give punishments, but if your nature is friendly then after punishments also your nature with the child will perfect.

Smart Parenting Activities For Development Of Child


1. Encourage Innovative Thinking

Try to ask questions which encourage some extraordinary thinking to solve that question this develops the innovative thinking skills of the child.

2. Read Books with your child

If you say to do then he/she will never do that, if you involve in work with them then he/she will do as you do. Because children are not good at obeying but they are good at copying.

3. Play with your child

Try to make your child as your friend, take a long walk with your child, try to play games with your child; because once parents and children become best friends then they never make any secrets with you.

4. Teach them budgeting

Teach your child a lesion of saving, investing, and budgeting at very young age.

Activity – Give your child some money per month (according to you) and tell him/her to involve all your unnecessary expenses in that money.

For Example – if your child wants a video game which cost is double of the money which you provide him/her per month then you teach him how your child can manage that money in such a way that he or she will buy that game in the next 2 or 3 months.

This process or this type of activities of parents with their child, teach their child to manage money, budgeting, and saving of money.

5. Scenario-Based Questioning

Ask some questions with your child by putting him/her in any situation.

Like – ask them what they do if they stuck in a situation and see their reactions. In short, give a scenario and ask questions like what they do and what is their point of view for that scenario.

6. Motivational Content to Build ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

Regularly consume motivational content with your child this helps him/her to develop a ‘Can-Do’ attitude in life and remember if you consume motivational content then only they consume so watch together.

7. Help Your Child To Organized

Your child not becomes organized alone. If you tell them to organize their bed, rack, the table then they not do.

So, you have to involve in all works like organizing bed, rack, table with your child. So, despite telling your children that today you do this work try to tell that today we do this work.

Tell them today we organize our bed, today we organize our stationery, and many more like that.

8. Create & Maintain Daily Routine.

Make a daily routine for your child and for yourself. Remember if you sleep on a bed in work from home then your child only copy you and not follow the routine, keep in mind children do not obey their only copy.

So, make your daily routine and set their daily routine and at night when the day end come with your daily routine and tell your child how you complete this whole routine and ask them about him/her.

9. Set A Point Mode

Set a system of points on the daily activities of your children. First set the rules on each work and on each correct work and good behavior give points on the basis of those points give some money to your child.

On each mistake cut some points and on each pointcut reward money.

This is the the process through which your child tries very hard to behave well and try to do all the correct things to win points and through those points try to earn money.

In your term this is just a 5 or 10 money but after so many times those good works transform into good behaviors and all those good behaviors become a good habit.

Last Words :- must remember for your child

In this last phase I will say some golden statements,

which help you to keep this whole long article in your mid for whole life.So, remember actions that are appreciated get repeated.

If you appreciate any work of your Child development activities then he or she will try to do that work again and again.

But if you want to scold or want to show their mistakes then remember – always appreciate a child in public or in front of family members but insult, punish, or scold, a child in private only.

Also, remember any child not good in obeying, if you make rules and tell them to follow then they never ever do that. So, must try to do that work with them so they can copy you and learn how to do, what to do, and when to do.

Always talk to them and give them scenarios or questions regarding thinking.

So, he/she think what to do in different types of the situation of life, which increase there thinking ability and ultimately their mind.

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